Therapeutic groups and Support groups

Social skills groups run for 12 week periods. Please contact Erica if you are interested in starting your child in a 12 week session. Call or email for more information.

Some people may hesitate to join a group due to nervousness about speaking up in front of others; however, participating in group therapy does not always involve talking. Many times, just being a part of a group, supportive or therapeutic, and listening to other people’s experiences can prove to be therapeutic in and of itself. Groups are supportive, educational, and aimed at building coping skills. There is no requirement to speak up. Members are encouraged to participate at their own pace, and no one is put “on the spot”.

The following is a list of groups that could potentially be offered, depending on the interest of clients. If you think you may be interested in any of the groups listed, please email or call Erica about the topics of interest, and you will be contacted with more information. If you have an interest in a group that is not listed, please email Erica with your suggestion. Group members are arranged by age and by topic of interest.

  • Social Language Skills Group
  • Independent Living Skills Group
  • Natural Environment Training Group
  • Life Skills Group
  • Play Therapy Groups
  • Sibling Support Groups
  • Parents of Special Needs Children Support Group
  • Single Parent Support Group
  • Mothers Support Group
  • Fathers Support Group
  • Sibling of Special Needs Children Support Group
  • Grief and Loss Group
  • Divorce Group
  • Victims, Survivors and Thrivers Group
  • Group for those who struggle with Social Anxiety
  • Group for those who struggle with Depression
  • Panic/Anxiety Group
  • Infertility Issues Group
  • Self-Exploration Group
  • Self Esteem Group

Contact Us

Call Erica DuPont at (813) 966-7064 for more information about support groups.