Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?
We do not accept insurance, however, We are more than willing to provide monthly statements for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How much do individual or group sessions cost?
Fees for individual, family and group sessions vary in cost. Please contact us to discuss what combination of services will best benefit your family.

Will you work with other doctors and or professionals?
Absolutely! We encourage all parents to sign a release so we can work with any other doctors, professionals, school teachers etc…that are working with you and/or your child. It is imperative that all the professionals working with you are on the same page in order to provide comprehensive, successful treatment.

Do you attend IEP meetings?
Yes. We encourage parents to take a clinician to IEP meetings to ensure that the teachers and other professionals fully understand the child’s needs and the importance of following through with recommendations.

Do you provide trainings for parents and other professionals?
Yes. Depending on the needs, one-on-one parent training can be provided or parent training can be provided in a group. We also provide training for company staff in need of professional development, employee moral, and other company training needs.

What are your office hours?
Appointments are available 7 days a week, in person or through telehealth.

Will you go in homes or schools?
Yes. It is imperative to see the child in their environment and where the difficulties are occurring.

How often will I or my child need to come to therapy?
Every person and their therapeutic needs are different. The goal of therapy is not to stay in therapy forever. Typically, sessions begin once per week. Once a client feels they are making significant progress, sessions can be weaned down to bi-weekly and then monthly for check in’s.

Do you have separate parent meetings?
If we are seeing a child for therapy, we do like to schedule separate parent meetings at least once per month. These meetings can vary in length depending on the topic being discussed.