Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy provides you with a caring and supportive place to share frustrations and difficulties in your life with others who can truly relate to how you are feeling or what you may be going through. Group therapy can be a profound and powerful experience.  It can help people to overcome personal difficulties that prevent them from achieving satisfaction and fulfillment from their lives.

Groups can help with feelings of alienation and isolation, and a sense that no one else feels the way you do.  Feedback (not advice giving) from other group members can be valuable in sorting out problems.

Over time, group members become a valuable resource for each other.  They provide a support network for specific problems or challenges.  During sessions, people are encouraged to talk with each other in a spontaneous and honest fashion.  The therapist, who provides productive examination of the issues or concerns affecting the individuals and the group, guides the discussion and will often point out patterns, ‘state the obvious’, look out for problems, and help the group maintain a sense of safety for everyone.