About Quinn Tedder-Hughes

Certified ESE teacher/tutor and IEP Advocate

Quinn Tedder-Hughes is a certified ESE teacher with 17 years of experience in education and is Gardiner approved. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from TCU in Fort Worth, TX. Mrs. Tedder-Hughes has 8 teaching certifications in Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida and has extensive experience teaching, mentoring, and supporting students from pre-kindergarten through the collegiate level.

Mrs. Tedder-Hughes provides a wealth of knowledge in the areas of special education services including Individual Education Plans (IEP) and 504 accommodation plans, tutoring students in all academic areas, independent functioning skills, and advocacy skills. She also has certifications in all levels of physical education and has collegiate playing and coaching experience.

Mrs. Tedder-Hughes has a passion for challenging students to reach their potential and for assisting parents in exceptional student education (ESE) and understanding the IEP process. An individual focus on education, a positive learning environment, and goal setting are the cornerstones of her practice.