About Dr. Norrine Russell

Norrine Russell, Ph.D.

Academic & Life Coaching for Students
Parent Coaching & Consultation
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Dr. Norrine Russell has been working as a Learning and Life Coach since 2009. She is dedicated to helping children mature successfully while receiving a good education and foundation for the future. Dr. Russell’s core practice values are psychological well-being, education, and family. Dr. Russell has a PhD from Bowling Green State University with a focus on psychology and education. She has twenty years of experience with positive youth development programs, initiatives, and coaching as well as several years of parent education and coaching.

Prior to starting her coaching and consulting practice, Dr. Russell worked at a variety of well-known non-profit agencies, including the YWCA of the City of New York, the Tampa Y, The Ophelia Project and Boys Initiative of Tampa Bay, and Girls Circle. She created and directed a number of programs designed to help youth develop social and emotional skills and build leadership skills and help families and communities find way to support the healthy development of youth.

Dr. Russell’s background also includes extensive experience in education. She consults with and trains at both public and private schools across the Tampa Bay area. Additionally, she has taught psychology and education courses at Sweet Briar College, University of Minnesota-Morris, and a number of other colleges.

Dr. Russell brings a unique blend of knowledge and skills in the areas of child development, the unique needs of girls and boys, education, special needs children, and positive parenting philosophies, all of which she uses to help families grow and thrive.